You are viewing the Resources for the older version of JourneyApps (V3). JourneyApps V4 is the new default for all new apps since July 1, 2016.

View XML Format

Note: See Views Overview for a high-level overview of how views work.



Represents a single screen on a mobile device.

Contains parameters and variables, as well as visual components.


  • title - required - A Format String representing the title displayed in the screen.

Nested Tags

Please note that the order of these is important - must be <param> , <var> , <link>, then all the view items.

  • param View parameter. See Attribute & Variable Types for a list of possible types.

  • var View variable. See Attribute & Variable Types for a list of possible types.

  • link A link. See Links for details.

  • Any of the following items: (see View Components in the sidebar)

    • button - a pressable button
    • heading - a heading
    • info - text displayed to the user
    • table - layout info fields in two columns
    • textinput - a text field
    • selectbox - dropdown list or radio button, for selecting an enum
    • checklist - checkboxes for selecting options from an enum_set
    • date - date field
    • datetime - datetime field
    • list - list of objects - dropdown or sequential
    • object-table - table of objects
    • picture - button to take and view a picture
    • viewpicture - view a picture
    • signature - capture a signature
    • barcode - button to scan a barcode
    • gps - capture gps location
    • html - HTML page
    • menu - layout buttons as a menu
    • columns - split the view up into multiple columns (tablet apps)
    • sidebar - left sidebar menu (tablet apps)